Like it or Hate it

We have different adventure, but now lets just see how this snail survive from the difficulties happens in real world. Even though it is hard, this snail still try how to reach the other side of the wood. There is a possibility that he may fall and die but he never think about it, he is more concern about his goal. Later on, because of his hard work he finally reach the other side where better life awaits.

This snail can be an inspiration to us, he teach people that even though it is hard to reach our goal still we must believe our self that we can do it, try any possibilities and don't think about that we may fail because failure is always there but success is only there for the people who knows how to learn from failing. I hope you learn something from the adventure of this snail.

Did you know why the previous type of sending mail is called "SNAIL MAIL" and not worm mail or something else?
Because even though it is slow still the message can reach your house successfully.

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