Like it or Hate it

During Solar Storm, I've notice that moon's bright is uncommon, the Moon on its Brightest shine has been seen by my naked eyes. I'm so amazed. It is like a spotlight up above the sky. Its bright make the sky looks like 6am in the morning. I notice that there is no cloud in the sky, it is so clear. You might say that the stars that night are so plenty to count but you are wrong, only few stars are visible, because of the brightness of the moon that dominates the sky. I can fearlessly say that I'm proud to see the "MOON ON ITS BRIGHTNESS". Only few can saw it and notice it.

I think, it is due to the Solar Storm. The sun emit too much radiation and brightness and the moon just reflect it. I'm not sure, I just think that it is the right explanation.

Sun during solar storm

Brightest Moon during solar storm (taken by nokia5233)

moon during solar storm (taken by my nokia 5233)

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