Like it or Hate it

Who is Kony? Kony is the leader of child soldiers in Uganda. An evil criminal who abducted children from their parents and forces them to become child soldier in Uganda. He actually make 30,000 children to become his slaves, he forces girls to become "SEX SLAVE" and boys to become "CHILD SOLDIER". I couldn't imagine that this kind of people is existing, such no soul and evil.

While watching this video, I honestly cry because it hurts to see the feeling of children that suffers in his hand, still I thank for the people who make a move to stop this leader. We believe that the death of one human is the death of humanity, the movement set by concerned citizen of America make me believe that we can unite and fight for one good reason.

Watch this video that opens every one's eye from the evilness of Kony the leader of Child Soldier in Uganda. To waken the other, people around the world start their campaign, we want to fulfill it until December 31, 2012. #Kony2012 this video makes me realize that the humanity can be stored if the entire people of the world unites for a one good reason. The video will tell the story so watch it.

I've done my part to spread it, you can also be part of the campaign by sharing it. Don't lose your chance to participate in the world most largest movement.

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  1. Nick says:

    Yet the guy who uploaded this video got arrested within a month. Nice Job Americans!

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